New fixed teeth in one day one day – the All-on-4™ treatment concept

It's important to us that you can show off and enjoy using your new teeth – with a beautiful smile and able to eat any food you like. Boost your self-esteem, sense of well-being and most importantly, increase your quality of life.
All this is possible – thanks to modern implant restoration and fixed dental prosthesis, which can usually be done in a single day.
Only four dental implants are inserted in the toothless jaw (hence the name, All-on-4™), to which the prosthesis is securely screwed. Unlike with full dentures, this type of restoration does not cover the roof of the mouth.
You leave the Dental Centrum Düsseldorf with fixed tooth replacements on the same day of the treatment, and can start using them immediately – on the very same day of the treatment!
Below, we have compiled some relevant information about this special treatment concept for you:

1. The All-on-4™ treatment concept
2. Course of treatment
3. All-on-4™ advantages at a glance
4. Testimonials of our patients
5. Free info event
6. FAQ (frequently asked questions)



1. The All-on-4 ™ treatment concept

The innovative All-on-4™ treatment concept is ideal for patients who do not want to live with a toothless jaw and who want to improve their quality of life immediately after the procedure.
In a single appointment, if necessary, any remaining diseased teeth that cannot be saved are removed and four implants are inserted in each jaw bone (four in the upper jaw, four in the lower jaw) and a provisional prosthesis is then screwed onto the implants. By working together with experienced dental technicians, the patient can usually leave the Dental Centrum Düsseldorf with teeth that feel and work like real ones, on the very same day of the treatment.
The final restoration with a bridge takes place after three to six months.

2. Course of treatment

First off, you come to the Dental Centrum Düsseldorf for a consultation in which we take care of your worries, wishes and inquiries. We walk through your "history", assess the situation in your mouth and discuss your options. We establish a comprehensive case history and determine whether or not the operation can be performed.

We then draw up a treatment and cost plan for you, which we are happy to discuss in person, should you have any uncertainties or questions. Statutory health insurance plans do not usually cover the costs for implants, although for the bridge restoration they will cover the cost of a full set of dentures.
We work with a billing company that also offers our patients payment by instalments.

A part of the diagnosis is the 3D x-ray (cone beam volume CT/CBCT), with which a precise image of the jaw bone can be created in no time. The dentist can see and diagnose the 3D image of the anatomy of your jaw bone on the computer screen. Using these scans, the precise position and size of each implant can be planned digitally. A surgical template is tailored to each patient, which specifies the positioning of each implant with millimetre precision. This way only a minimally invasive procedure is required, with four holes to be drilled in each jaw, and the overall treatment is very easy on the entire organism. Thanks to this computer-guided diagnosis, the patient has the reassurance of receiving a treatment of maximum precision.

Using plaster models our dental lab prepares the temporary prosthesis with your individual aesthetically pleasing tooth shapes and positioning.

You have the option of having the procedure performed either with a local anaesthetic or under deep sedation or general anaesthesia, which is handled by an anaesthesiologist. Depending on whether only one jaw is being operated on or both the upper and lower jaw, the duration of the surgery will be 2-4 hours. The procedure is entirely pain-free when performed under deep sedation or general anaesthesia, which is why these options are highly recommended for the surgery. After your surgery you can relax in our own specially equipped room at the Dental Centrum, to fully recover from the surgery and wait for the completion of your provisional prosthesis.

Surgery procedure
• 7:00 a.m. – Arrival in the practice, greeting
• 7:30 a.m. – Start of surgery
• 9:45 a.m. – End of surgery, recovery time
• 12:00-1:00 p.m. – Fitting of new teeth
• 4:00 p.m. – First careful chewing/eating
• 7:00 p.m. – Call from Dr Pletz, inquiring into your well-being

Follow-up appointments
1st day after surgery: check-up, follow-up examination
7th day after surgery: check-up / possibly suture removal
2 and 6 weeks after surgery: repeat check-up
3-6 months after surgery: follow-up examination, impression for final restoration with prosthesis
10-14 days after making impression: Your final restoration is complete, might be adjusted slightly and is then screwed on tight!
Every 3-4 months: Our prophylaxis team cleans your dental prosthesis
Once a year: Unscrewing, checking and cleaning of the prosthesis at the Dental Centrum Düsseldorf

It is very important for the durability of your dental restoration that you take very good care of your gums and teeth. Our prophylaxis team will be happy to assist you and show you how to properly care for your prosthesis. They also perform professional cleaning every 3-4 months. Once a year we take out the prosthesis to examine the implants, your gums and the prosthesis itself and if necessary a (normal) x-ray is taken. Only with regular aftercare can we provide a guarantee for our work. As a precaution, make your next appointment during your aftercare.

This type of procedure cannot be performed with the following contraindications:
• Pregnancy
• Young adults still in the growing phase
• Highly dosed osteoporosis medicines
• Extreme general medical restrictions

Important to know
On the first days after surgery, mild swelling and bruising in the facial area may occur, which usually subsides after a few days
• We issue you a personal implant pass, which you carry with you like your ID
• We give you a 4-year guarantee on your dental prosthesis, valid as long as proper treatment is provided

3. All-on-4™ advantages at a glance

• This treatment is suitable for many patients
• It immediately improves your quality of life; you can smile and speak without any inhibition, just like you used to
• Patients who wear (often ill-fitting) dentures or suffer from tooth loss can receive better treatment, quickly and easily
• Only one appointment is needed for the actual procedure
• You can start using your new teeth on the same day and enjoy all kinds of food; you leave the practice with beautiful, fixed teeth
• You save money! Because this method only requires 4 implants per jaw, you save approx. 30% as compared to an intricate bone augmentation technique on 6-8 implants.

4. Testimonials of our patients

Inge L.:
"I had ill-fitting bridges for my lower jaw for years, as well as some broken teeth, so I could hardly eat anything proper at all. In one operation Dr Pletz removed my loose and broken-off teeth and inserted four implants. I had the procedure done under deep sedation and was in top form again right after. At 10 am everything was over already and I could relax in my own room until the provisional prosthesis was finished. At noon the dental technicians came for the first fitting of my new teeth, which were then worked on some more. At around 4 pm they put in the provisional prosthesis, then I went home and bit into a fresh crusty bun on the same day, which wasn't possible before. It was such a great feeling! Everything has healed well since then, I had neither pain nor swelling. After about 6 months I got the final restoration. I am so happy with my new teeth, I can laugh again and eat anything I want, even bite off meat from the bone! This was the best decision of my life and I would do it again in a heartbeat!"

Gabriele K.:
"All the teeth remaining in my upper and lower jaw were either loose or broken and no longer worth preserving. I asked to have the surgery performed in two sessions because I was unsure whether it would work. But these concerns were all for nothing, because everything worked out wonderfully. I've had my final bridge restoration for a few weeks now and I have to say, it looks fantastic! I like looking into the mirror again, can smile at others with self-confidence and eat nuts or a delicious steak without hesitation. It was more than worth the investment and I can only recommend it to those with the same issues."

5. Free info presentation

Don't wait, act now! Visit one of our next info presentations on "New fixed teeth in one day!"

Dr Thorsten Pletz is specialized in implantology and an expert in this field. He explains the "New fixed teeth in one day" treatment in a 40 min. presentation and will answer all your questions! The presentation usually begins at 11 am, and you should plan in about 60 minutes for it. You are welcome to take a tour of our practice after the info session and make your individual consultation appointment right then and there.

The presentation is free-of-charge for you, however, we ask you to sign up beforehand.

6. FAQ (frequently asked questions)

I still have a few healthy teeth left in my mouth, will these then be removed?

We do not remove healthy teeth, if possible we will find an alternative solution for restoring your teeth.

I'm a statutory health insurance patient, which costs of this treatment does my insurance cover?

Statutory health insurances cover the costs within fixed subsidies, which means for a toothless jaw that the cost of dentures are covered. All other incurred costs are covered by the patient.

Why do I get a provisional prosthesis after the surgery?

On the one hand we want to provide you with teeth you can chew with as quickly as possible, for which a provisional plastic prosthesis can be made in no time. On the other hand, the high-quality permanent prosthesis must be fitted perfectly after complete healing has taken place.

How is it possible to chew/eat immediately after such extensive surgery?

The implants are inserted into your own jaw bone and provide immediate stability. Together with the fact that the prosthetic is securely screwed onto the implants, together they are very sturdy.

What total costs can I expect, including the provisional and final prosthesis?

In the first step, the costs for the implantological and prosthetic planning incl. a CBCT, installation of 4 implants and preparation of the immediate provisional prosthesis is approx. 8,000 €. The final restoration comes with a great range of options that may vary greatly, from simply repurposing of the provisional prosthesis to a complex full ceramic restoration. Our most popular restorations range from 6,000-8,000 €.

Can I pay in instalments?

Yes, that is possible. We work together with a billing company that can offer you payment by instalments.

Why are the back two implants inserted vertically into the jaw bone?

The back area of the jaw bone contains sensitive structures, meaning the maxillary sinuses in the upper jaw and nerve branches and their exits in the lower jaw. To create a support base that is as large as possible and in order to insert the implants into a stable, fixed bone, the back implants are tilted.

I've been wearing dentures for a long time now. Will I still have enough bone available for inserting these implants?

That can easily be determined with a 3D x-ray.

Can my old dentures be crafted into the new prosthesis restoration?

This might be possible.

Can I have the procedure performed despite taking blood thinners?

After consulting with your treating doctors, this is possible with the proper precautions.

My dentures cover the roof of my mouth which is very uncomfortable for me. How is this with All-on-4-restoration?

The roof of your mouth stays entirely uncovered, so you can feel everything and speak properly again.

What about my sense of taste? Can I taste everything?

You can eat everything again and taste flavours like you did with your original teeth. Speaking and smiling are also possible again, without limitations.

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